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Now at IOUX you can create your own Work & Service Agreement online within few minutes by using our legally vetted Draft/Template of Work & Service Agreement. You can use our Agreement as it is or you can also edit the same as per your need. We will be providing you the soft copy of the Work or Service Agreement along with the e-Stamp Paper of requisite amount and e-Signature via NSDL (Aadhaar OTP Based).

Frequently asked questions in regard of Work & Services Agreement

What is Work & Service Agreement

A Service or Work Agreement is a contract between the contractor and their clients that helps to defines the terms and conditions at which they will be working in the future or executing a specific job. This contract states the kind of services that will be provided by the client to Contractor within the given time span in exchange of compensation.

Other Names of Work & Service Agreement

  • Master service agreement
  • Service contract
  • General service agreement

Who can make the Work & Service Agreement?

Either party of the agreement can execute the Service or Work Agreement whether it’s an individual or Business Organisation. Also, client might be any business or an individual or two or more people and in the same way Contractor could also be any business or individual or two or more partners or an origination who all agreed to sing the agreement.

Benefits of Work & Services Agreement

Having a Work & Services Agreement creates legal responsibility amongst Contractors as well as for Clients.
Following are some of the benefits of Work & Services Agreement:-

  • It is beneficiary for both Contractor as well as Clients by clearly stating the legal terms & conditions of the working.
  • A properly written work or service Agreement clearly states the scope of work the quality parameters, payment terms, etc and hence brings about accountability for both the parties to the agreement.
  • It also helps to prevent possible Dispute between the parties.
  • A properly drafted and correctly executed Work & Service Agreement helps to protect legal rights of both the Contractor and the Client.

Elements of the Work & Service Agreement

  • Scope of Work
  • Service Duration
  • Service Details
  • Contractor & Clients information
  • Billing details
  • Notice Period
  • Expenses
  • Confidentiality
  • Additional Clauses

Process of Creation of Online Work or Services Agreement at IOUX.

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