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For your sales to your buyers, IOUX helps you to realize payment of your Bills & Invoices, whether you make sales on the payment term of “Payment on Delivery” or Credit Sales.

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IOUX procures acceptance of received challan with respect to delivery of goods and acceptance of your Invoices to assure timely payment. These acceptances can be procured by sending Invoices & other documents digitally and can also be done before the dispatch of goods. After the acceptance of invoice receipt by the buyer, IOUX matches you with a financing institution based on your credit requirements and profile, then allows you to digitally process financing offers and remotely negotiate and finalise the terms of your contract.

IOUX also ensures the confirmation of your trades and helps in discounting the invoices .
Upload a picture of your invoice > send it to the other party > the other party approves it and eSign it > legally binding contract > use this documentation to avail financing at IOUX or other financial institutions Once the document is executed, a dematerialised copy of the same is available on the platform, which is highly secure and only accessible by you and your counterparty. This document can be shared with your bank for any lending transactions you may need assistance with.

  • Record your commitments formally with a click
  • The eSigned documentation helps protect both the buyer and seller by laying out the standard terms and conditions in a legally binding contract
  • Serves as a documentary evidence in case of any legal dispute.
  • IOUX ensures timely payment of your receivables by sending gentle reminders
  • Helps avail financing against the formally documented invoices and bills of exchange
  • User-friendly Interface