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IOUX Payment Assurance Network, Complete Contract Lifecycle – Creation & Execution, Financing, Contract Management & Enforcement, NBFC, Financing Platform

IOUX Services for Trading Enterprises

About Us

IOUX is an online Contract Execution System with legally vetted templates of draft agreements which can be edited, shared among all parties, eStamped, eSigned by all, eNotarised and stored in digital form. Draft template agreements are available for all kinds of transactions & commitments / deals with the option to Create and upload your own draft which can be executed on-line with all digital facilities for execution.

IOUX will offer Finance/Discounting or loan against the financial transactions / commitments / Receivables / inherent Assets underlying the Contract at competitive rates from Banks and NBFCs over this Platform. Also available discounting of Cheques & Invoices against their receivables / claims / debts.

IOUX also offers to provide the facility for resolution of disputes in case of defaults by parties in meeting their contract obligations or honoring commitments as per agreed dates / schedule. The option can be exercised by the contacting parties to choose any of the Alternative Disputes Resolution Mechanism” (ADRM) by way of ‘Mediation’ or ‘Arbitration’. All such dispute resolutions can be enforced legally against the defaulting party(s).