Public Institutions

IOUX Digital contract execution and management system can offer a range of benefits to government and public institutions, including increased transparency, efficiency, and security for Procurement, Employees Engagement and other official & administrative functions.


Benefits of Digital Smart Contracting and Document Management for Government and Public Institutions:


  • Streamline & automate government procurement and hiring processes reducing paperwork
  • Improve transparency and accountability
  • Reduce costs associated with traditional contract management processes
  • Enhance efficiency and accuracy
  • Improve security against fraud and cyberattacks
  • Increase accessibility to government services

Features of Digital Smart Contracting and Document Management Solution:


  • Access legally vetted or customised drafts of agreements, affidavits, statutory documents and more to streamline government procurement, hiring and other functions.
  • Utilize government-approved eSigning facility to ensure all parties involved in the agreement are on the same page
  • Verify digital identities and authenticity with Aadhar/PAN eKYC, Bank Account Verification, Credit Rating Scores from CIBIL, CRIF, EXPERIAN, EQUIFAX, and access CERSAI and CKYC
  • IOUX system can auto-calculate the requisite Stamp Duty when you order eStamp paper to ensure the legality and enforceability of your agreements,
  • Record contracting party's commitments through Video eKYC for added security and accountability
  • Generate a DDE - Digital Document Execution Report for audit and evidence purposes to keep track of all your agreements and transactions
  • Receive alerts and reminders for implementation of tasks and due compliances due and renewals to keep your contracts running smoothly
  • Store documents and agreements online securely to ensure easy access and protection from loss or damage
  • Access the web or mobile app 24/7 for convenient and efficient management of hiring and procurement
  • Get dedicated assistance from a relationship manager with personalized attention and support.